The Khorvaire Chronicles

Session 01 - A Time to Mourn

The "Six at the Edge of Destruction" meet once more on the anniversary of the event that changed their lives forever

We attended a party commemorating the Day of Mourning hosted by the Major. The party was interrupted by the door bursting open and a gorilla-like beast surrounded in Mournland mist. The heroes got reacquainted with each other as they protected the locals from the beast. We were then commissioned to investigate the source of the beast.

Jack led us through brothels and a halfling mobster-run butcher shop (don’t eat the special) looking for clues. Between that and Jhalen (who is actually the Morgrave University researcher Bucklin Finn, who is actually, Vazt, a changeling Guardian of the Gate), the group tracked the source down to the dormitory towers of the university. Arlena (who is a changeling too it turns out) , Rok, and Rhogir (/sings Rok’n Rhogir…tweet…tweetlie-deet) made fast friends with the locals and got us to the door of the townhouse alleged to have birthed the beast (there was a brief interlude with an ocher jelly and Vazt is now very cautious about where he steps).

Though we tried to play good-cop-bad-cop to massage the information out of the goblins, orcs, and shifters we found inside the townhouse, it quickly went from deep-relaxation massage to violent deep tissue massage. Rhogir pointed out that we were breaking and entering and then murdering potential slacker college kids and calmed the situation down. Unfortunately, this was after we had slain one of the shifters, who turned out to be the gay lover of the other shifter…which the group was remorseful about (we are a pretty liberal party, but discovered that some of us are racist against dragonborn, assuming they all know each other and look alike).

On the second floor of the apartment, we found the source of the mist beast. Several machines were churning and being tended by more sneaky, but just-following-orders college kids. The machine spit out another monster that came straight out of “Urotsukidōji – Legend of the Overfiend”. We fought it while we engaged in a Mexican standoff with the grad students. With the machine deactivated and the monster dispatched, we learned that the person responsible for creating the machine was none other than…(duhn…duhn…duuuuhhhnnn!) Alric, whom we saved from the prophetic seal 4 years ago.

With this information and an adopted pet drakeling named Bowser, we are off to inform the Major of the source of the commotion and, likely, off to find Alric and get some answers.



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