Alric Blacktree


Originally discovered by the adventurers on the Day of Mourning shackled to a mark of prophecy. He at the time was incoherent and muttering.

Four years later he has become the mastermind behind two terrible monsters in Sharn that bear the traces of the Mourning as well as a machine that, seemingly, was set to destroy a part of the city.

The Party revealed that he had intentionally set himself on the Mark of Prohecy in order to attain the power of the dragons, more powerful than every the Siberys Dragonmarks. However, he felt was “rescued” by the adventurers too early and the power only manifested in an Aberrant Dragonmark. He also heard the same line of prophecy as the party and believes they must be destroyed.

The party handily defeated him and, as they examined his body, his flesh turned to mist, not unlike the Mourning Haunts themselves…

Alric Blacktree

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