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  • Bren 'irGadden

    A good natured, older half-elf. Was an officer in the Brelish army during the War, the Lord Major now resides in Sharn, among the nobility. He is most well known for his philanthropic activity. He also enjoys hosting dinner parties and celebrations. …

  • Alric Blacktree

    Originally discovered by the adventurers on the Day of Mourning shackled to a mark of prophecy. He at the time was incoherent and muttering. Four years later he has become the mastermind behind two terrible monsters in Sharn that bear the traces of the …

  • Olaakki

    A gentle, if battle ready middle-aged Hobgoblin. He is one of the more well known priests of the Sovereign Host in the Lower City. He preaches to the mostly Goblinoid neighborhoods in Khyber's Gate and Blackwoods. He focuses on the worship of Dol Dorn, …

  • Molric

    A sour middle-aged dwarf with a clean shaven head and chin. He is the foreman for the ir'Tain Foundry in the Cogs in Sharn. Molric is well known for his excessive discipline and violence against workers, especially the warforged employees who he despises.