Vazt of Sharn

A quick-witted Lightening Rail marshal out to see the world and keep the rails safe


Vazt, level 3 Changeling, Assassin Build: Night Stalker Assassin Guild Training: Night Stalker Background: Shadow Acrobat, Inquisitive, Cultural Assimilator (+2 to Acrobatics)

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 10, Con 11, Dex 20, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 16.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 10, Con 11, Dex 18, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 14.

AC: 19 Fort: 12 Reflex: 17 Will: 16 HP: 29 Surges: 6 Surge Value: 7

TRAINED SKILLS Stealth +11, Perception +6, Thievery +11, Acrobatics +13, Bluff +11

UNTRAINED SKILLS Arcana, Diplomacy +4, Dungeoneering +1, Endurance +1, Heal +1, History, Insight +3, Intimidate +4, Nature +1, Religion, Streetwise +4, Athletics +1

FEATS Level 1: Melee Training (Dexterity) Level 2: Brutal Shroud

POWERS Assassin at-will 1: Shadow Storm Assassin at-will 1: Inescapable Blade Assassin encounter 1: Nightmare Shades Assassin daily 1: Targeted for Death Assassin utility 2: Cloak of Shades Assassin encounter 3: Cloaking Mist

ITEMS Hand Crossbow, Crossbow Bolts (20), Leather Armor, Pouch, Belt (empty), Traveling papers, Identification Papers, Standard (3), Light Shield, Challenge-seeking Magic Ki Focus +1, Glaive, Ashurta’s Blade Longsword +2


Vazt has many faces and none are sure which is his true self. The Day of Mourning forever altered the young changeling, claiming two of his closest companions in its enveloping mists. Since then, the once fun-loving rake has taken on a darker cast, serving Sharn’s Guardians of the Gate, but wearing the shadow of his allegence to House Phiarlan like a tenebrous mantle. While he has not sold his morality to those who trained him to be a killer for hire, Vazt has all of the focused death-dealing ability of Khorvaire’s premiere assassin guilds. He is currently putting his skill to use in protecting a group of adventurers that fate has thrown him together with.

Hailing from Sharn, Jhalen has spent his young life riding the Lightening Rails as a retainer of House Orien. He poses as a well-to-do traveling weapons merchant on business, chatting with travelers to pass the time and impressing on suspicious characters the intolerance House Orien has for shenanigans on their lines.

In instances when trouble does arise, Jhalen puts his wares to the test if necessary, but he is much more likely to be found in the gaming car with a handful of cards.

Vazt of Sharn

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